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Game Production

Game making is a creative process. and creativity can be a challenging and chaotic process.I believe that the best creatives also need a process and organization to be able to produce their best work. 

That is the reason I want to be the best producer for creative teams, specially outsourced teams. I want to be that bridge between the talent of outside teams and bring their best work into the top developers and publishers. 

Tools that I use: 

Sample Files for Production and Planning
  SCRUMM Boards(Microsoft Planner and Trello)

GANTT Chart (Microsoft Project and Smart-sheets)

Risk, SWOT and Competitive Analysis

Films with Magical Realism and Gabriel Garcia Marquez

On April 17th of 2014 Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the great Nobel Prize winning writer passed away. 
In the internet you could fiund numerous coverage of what was his influence in literature, catchphrases, etc.
The following two articles about his influence in film and the concept most associated with his novels, magical realism. Something that should be analyzed and I will also talk about it in this article.
Here are the links to the articles in indiewire and Library Journal.

Magical realism, as Stephanie Klose mentions in the Library Journal article is when “minor magical or fantastical elements exist without explanation in an otherwise normal world”. This magical realism is deeply associated with the works of Garcia-Marquez. His works wa…

Elegant Icons - beautifully made

Want to share this collection fo beautiful icons to improve every blog out there.

Creative Commons license!

State of Streaming(2014) - why I love Netflix and Youtube and the rest are just catching up.

YouTube defined how to stream videos on the internet, and also taught young people that they could choose when to watch it. And then Netflix allowed us to watch movies and TV series everywhere in every device available.
YouTube, made popular by music videos, funny videos and even old TV and movies. Netflix was available in almost every phone, console, cable box and TV, faster than everyone else. It introduced binge watching without disc swapping and knew discovery was an important part of the experience. 
YouTube and Netflix are two services that everyone knows. They are not compared together often but have three things in common that make them the best services in their specialty. 
I still have DVDs and Blu-ray at home. I still think that Blu-ray offers the best quality at home. But I am converting them as fast as I can to a virtual locker like the one promised by Ultraviolet and Amazon Instant Video.
Streaming films and TV shows are not perfect. There are lots of problems in the deliver…

The Dissolve! - what-makes-a-bad-movie-enjoyable/

I have been following the Dissolve for quite some time and found they have  interesting articles about pop culture and all that this blog is about.
I want to congratulate them on this piece they did on bad movies, well written and good examples.

Here is the Link:

A Year of Adventure in IGN by Kosta Andreadis

Want to share this article, I'm going to be following this guy - Kosta Andreadis as he plays some of the oldest and must influential adventure games during 2014.
I started playing some of the Sierra games I didn't finish in my youth so it will be fun sharing my thoughts.

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