The Dissolve! - what-makes-a-bad-movie-enjoyable/

I have been following the Dissolve for quite some time and found they have  interesting articles about pop culture and all that this blog is about.
I want to congratulate them on this piece they did on bad movies, well written and good examples.

Here is the Link:

A Year of Adventure in IGN by Kosta Andreadis

Want to share this article, I'm going to be following this guy - Kosta Andreadis as he plays some of the oldest and must influential adventure games during 2014.
I started playing some of the Sierra games I didn't finish in my youth so it will be fun sharing my thoughts.


Science of Video Games

Two recent articles in how video games can give us the strenght and how they also alter our

and the effect on our subconscious mind and dream state:

Games for Change @ Tribeca

Want to share this link on an initiative going on for a while, where we are seeing games that tackle interest and important issues. Or they simple are 100% narrative driven without retorting to violence.

Games like Gone Home or Stanley P:arable come to mind.

Gone home

Happy 2014! Press Restart!

I'm finally getting the gears moving again!. I will keep writing new posts and sharing new information more frequently now that I feel settle in my new country.

Last year was a big change in my life, I tried to get too much in motion and this year I decided to focus on a few projects to get off the ground. 

This Blog is something I love to do. It did hurt me not being able, or to dedicate the time to update it for a year. But getting back feels just right, specially with my new responsibilities promoting the growing  Software/IT and entertainment industry of Colombia in the US. And im also having a baby boy. 

I think this two changes in my life have broaden my perspective in life and has made me a more analytic person. Now i am looking always for the latest trends in IT and entertainment and also what options are out there for babies and children to educate and take care of them. All of these are going to become part of the blog. 

As always I am looking for people that want to share stories and consumerism in the blog. Just contact me trough Google+ or in the comments.   

Films with Magical Realism and Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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