The Walking Dead review

I recently wrote about my love for the adventure genre of video games, still while the genre has been reduced to a downloadable format of games, with few exceptions on big budget productions (Heavy Rain for the PS3 comes to mind), it has growth to new markets, in much different styles of play from the one I used to love. The most prominent developer of these kinds of games right now is Telltale Games, and while they are fine in their own, I still think the old games are better. Tell Tales have done something very interesting with a business model were they have not really created new properties, they have made adventure games using a mixture of comics, TV and movie licenses like Strong Bad, CSI, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Law and Order and also old video game franchises like Monkey Island, Sam & Max (also a comic) and in the future Kings Quest. Their latest release is a license of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is a black and white comic book series, published by Image, created and wrote by Robert Kirkman. The comics are very dark in its topics, and are centered on the survival of a varying group of characters in a world where the dead walk the earth chasing living beings and trying to eat them. It has no end in sight, and the author even say there is no objective, no end game; it’s just trying to survive and the struggle of the cast to keep their humanity and body parts without becoming one of the walking dead. It has spawned a popular television series, and a novelization, I haven’t read the novel, I have read a great length of the comic book that is reaching number 100(I have read until #71 more or less), I didn’t care much for the TV series, while I liked most of the first season, the 2nd one didn’t grave my attention, while still watched most of it. Then there is the Video Game, I loved it, great and dynamic story(at least in the first episode), the artwork is effective enough, giving it a lot of emotion even with a style reminiscent of the comic books (is almost cel-shaded with some detail in the characters, to give them more emotion), the game also features very good voice acting, that give the game emotion it deserves, and makes it feel a mixture between a comic book and a movie, with interactive moments and a branching path that takes to several endings depending on how people see you and how you´re character interacts with them. 

I was amazed how my wife, who never plays games and rarely watches me play, she doesn’t like zombie movies and even less comics, and she was completely engaged in the story and wanted to know what was happening to the characters. That for me is a good sign of a story well put together in a complete package. I recommend the game for everyone who likes the license and especially lovers of old adventure games, I haven’t seen such a great representation of the adventure game in years and am really glad to see it from the same company that is bringing back King’s Quest.

The Walking Dead
2012 Telltale, Inc. THE WALKING DEAD is © 2012 Robert Kirkman, LLC. Based on the Comic Book by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard.
Released in PS3, PC / Mac and Xbox 360

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