Internet – Give me More, Please no more

There has been a lot of buzz in the internet in the past few weeks related to one of the writers in, Paul Miller a somewhat famous technology blogger has decided to stay offline for a year, and will be writing about this experience as a technology writer without the internet. Some people have stated that is a promotional stunt, he is foolish, there is no real reason to do something like that. All I was thinking while this was happening is that, good for him.

The internet is a great tool, it give us access to lots of information, and also lets us stay connected with the world at all times, people can send us email from the toilet, we can read them in the street or have the car read it to us, news feed are instantly updated thanks to tweeter, we know whatever is happening in our friends lives thanks to Facebook. This all sound great, but as is a blessing, it's also a curse. Emails of messages in the middle of the night, hundreds of work related email every day, more email on personal business, people are not thinking about essays, and inspiration is lost. Even I had troubled keeping my goal of writing two articles every week for this Blog; due to overload of information I have been receiving all week. It’s tempting to take a holyday from the internet. Disconnect your ties to the world, just keeping a regular cellphone, without messaging and internet access.
Don't Get me wrong, I love the internet, It has given me opportunities to learn a lot of stuff that in my country I hadn’t access to, comics, literature, music, movies, I am a culture consumist in the end, and that is hard when you don’t have access to culture. But sometimes we also need to disconnect, to be more productive asPaul states in his writing, without the worry to seeing an email that needs immediate response.
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