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The Avengers - a long time ago there was a bankrupt Marvel…


I have toadmire the effort of Marvel Studios, knowing the history of Marvel Comics and MarvelStudios and the tribulations that they have gone to get to make the movie The Avengers,released on Colombia and the United States last Friday (April 27th of2012). The studio have finally given a resolution to a story after connectingthe universes of the Iron Man, Thor, Incredible Hulk and Captain American moviefranchises, and reacquiring the movie rights of the characters. After the company filed for bankruptcy on1996, they started to recover on several deals and fusion of companies that allowedit to create the studio and toy line, just in time for the comic book boom ofthe industry of the 2000s, and to great avail of marvel studios and a greatstring of comics based movies starting with Blade on New Line Studios in 1998 andX-Men on Fox Studios. Most of the 21movies released since 1998 in coproduction with several movie studios have beengood, with the particular exception of the Fox co-produced movies not directedby Brian Singer and the last X-men movie of last year, and also the terrible GhostRider Movies by Columbia Pictures. The most interesting movies have been the additional6 movies they produced independently and that have been the basis of TheAvengers, starting in Iron Man in 2008, introducing the characters, the topics,the personalities and Shield as the governmental entity that unites theAvengers in the movie. I wonder what is the feeling of a person that have notseeing the previous movies, specially Thor, that is the most direct prequel ofThe Avengers, it shares the hero, the villain and is the one that the SHIELD’s Director(Played by Samuel L Jackson) most directly refers as the effect that causes thecreation of the Avengers Initiative, you now, it’s the movie that introduces extraterrestrialaliens to earth.

In the end the movie is a great action flick with great characters and a thrilling story,but it also means that someone who hasn’t seen the previous movies will be lostwith so many topics and characters. I really liked the interpretation of MarkRuffalo as the Hulk and Bruce Banner, I improves a lot the previousinterpretations of the character, Chris Evans is better as Captain America, butit gets a little lost between all the characters, especially in the presence ofRobert Downey, Jr as Tony Stark who is still a scene stealer all the way. The newadditions are Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton (alias Hawkeye in the comics) andScarlett Johansson as the Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff, who still feel a littlebit as seat fillers in a team of greater than men heroes, but give greatperformances and give a human perspective of the fight, specially Black Widow,giving a great interpretation of the spy game, even if the fights (specially herfirst one) seems a little fake.

I recommendthe movie, but I greatly recommend that everyone who is going to see it watchesTHOR before, and if they can watch Captain America is not a bad idea, there isa lot of background talk about in the movie that are references to his movie.