Hunger Games Movie and Book Review

I Have read in the last year the trilogy of books of the Hunger Games, and founding them quite entertaining, the story and the storytelling elements give a description of a violent and difficult world, narrated and told in first person perspective by the protagonist, Katnis Evergreen, she narrates in a very focused way, not only letting you know what she thinks, but also only what she sees, so there is no opportunity for jumping ahead and it gives a sense of isolation that not everyone enjoys in this kind of reading. I would recommend it to most people, if they like the style of narration and doesn’t mind that the story is basically science fiction with some light romance elements that do not distract from the central motive of the story that I will describe at continuation.

As an admirer of good first person stories, as is this book, I found it hard to reconcile how they would handle the adaptation of such a personal story in the big screen. I was quite happy with the end result, the movie has a good pace, at first giving us enough glimpses of the world from the perspective of Katniss and then when it launches us in a bloodbath (obscured by the MPRS rating of PG-13), it give us enough information of the world and the confrontation of the kids of between ages of 12 and 18, who are the yearly tributes of the titular event to entertain the people of the Capitol (think American Idol where the duels are with swords, lances, arrows and knives in a large forest). The Hunger Games were put in place by the totalitarian government of the Capitol to remind the population of 12 districts that they should not try to revolt, or they will take what's is more dear to them, and in the process, giving them hope as the President Snow, explains it to the gamekeeper (producer of the show) in a key scene not in the book.

In the end, the movie is entertaining enough to be enjoyed by someone who has not read the book, and who have read will enjoy seen it come to life in such a well acted and produced action event. I think the ending is the weakest part of the movie, not giving the audience enough resolution to the story and also not giving us a glimpse of what the real danger is of the actions that Katniss performed during the movie, or at least something that resembles a bitter suit ending would have give it much more strength in final minutes

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