When people ask me if I like to read, I respond yes, I like it a lot.
When people ask me if I like movies, I respond that I love them.
When people ask me if I like video games, of course I do, I play a lot of them.
When People if I like to go to arts and museums, I said I do enjoy it.
When people ask how when do I have time to do all that stuff, I respond that I don´t know, but I do wish I have more time for all of it.

In the end I'm a culture consumist, I try to read a lot, watch lots of movies, play video games, visit countries and go to their museums, I want to know it all, to experience as much as I can while I'm alive, learn what works in culture and makes an art representation a pop, underground or cult hit. I want to keep learning about the whole wide world and what makes it change and evolve.

The Internet gave us a tool for infinite learning opportunities, and I now want to use the Internet as a tool for sharing my vision of the world and the experiences i have consuming all I can while I can.

Films with Magical Realism and Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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